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The brand Ecovale fulfills our wish to promote to as many people as possible our innovative products for a new and healthy life style. We want to offer the chance for everyone to improve their lifestyle, by safeguarding their wellbeing as well as the environment. Our challenge is to help people to create future cities free of traffic, stress and pollution. The brand Ecovale embodies the protection of the environment, human health, a competitive price, constant research and progress. Ecovale is eco friendly, enjoyable and relaxing.

Ecovale, rethink your future


The ebike can help to improve your life style and health. How? It keeps you fit and makes you appreciate the advantages of an open air activity. It’s an alternative, gentle way to regularly exercise and possibly lose some weight.

Eco friendly

The ebike is environment friendly: by using Chiocciola you can save on petrol and have no impact on the environment. No gas emissions or noise pollution, the ebike is a completely quiet vehicle Compare to other methods of transport, the ebike is a truly eco-friendly alternative.

No stress

With the ebike you can avoid traffic jams and parking restrictions. Anyone can use the ebike: no age limit, sports lovers or not, to commute or for leisure. Unlike an ordinary bicycle, thanks to the pedal assistance system, Chiocciola assists the rider during arduous and uphill journeys.


Chiocciola has a classical design and it is made with high quality components. Savings guaranteed: no more road tax, insurance and fuel charges.

Why choose ECOVALE?
    We all care about protecting our environment.
    The ebike Ecovale is comfortable, light and easily fits into your life style.
  • FUN
    The ebike Ecovale is ideal for commuting to work or shopping as well as for training and leisure time with friends.
    No more road tax, insurance and fuel charges, just charge the battery.
    Keep fit with the help of Ovale technology.



With the new ebike Chiocciola I have discovered a new way to ride a bicycle. As I work 6 days a week I find it hard to go to the gym and riding uphill was difficult…..I now enjoy riding longer distances.

I have bought an Ecovale ebike, because of its competitive price and high quality components.

I switched to the e bike as I was fed up paying road taxes, insurance and fuel charges. Now I can avoid traffic jams, stress and I enjoy training.

I bought an e bike in November and I have never looked back! It’s a great help to have an motor that helps you pedaling. You can easily ride medium-length distances and if you are not very fit or if you don’t like training, the pedal assistance e bike is a good option .I can easily go to work and I don t have to worry about parking.

I have been using my ebike to commute for a month now ….and have been saving money on insurance and road taxes and I can ride through the city centre with no restrictions!


The ebike is not a scooter disguised as a bicycle. In order to activate the engine, you have to start to pedal. The engine doesn’t take over from the user, but helps to make the riding lighter and easier especially when facing an uphill climb.
The ebike Chiocciola, ecofriendly and economical, is the better alternative from ordinary polluting and expensive vehicles.

"You can help to promote a sustainable ecofriendly future"

ECOVALE - Respect of the environment, promote a healthy way of life, economical, ongoing research and cutting edge technology. Come and see all our ecofriendly mobility products, you will find expertise and passion at your service.